A Journey with God and His Vision

A Journey with God and His Vision

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Where it Began

We invite you to follow along as I share how this miracle of Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc,. and Still Waters Brevard is unfolding before us, in real time, and dates back to 1995. Independently of each other, before my husband Jim and I even met, God birthed a passion within us both to support others in rising up to be the person God had always intended and to discover and walk in that potential. So even though the stirring of this vision started years earlier; it is here in Melbourne, Florida in 2013 that it was reignited in one of our local restaurants, “Beef O’Brady’s,” with one of those like-hearted beautiful women of God, where the visions in all our hearts merged into Still Waters Brevard. We were feeling the squeeze in our counseling and ministry offices and began praying the prayer of Jabez:

“Enlarge the site of your tent [to make room for more children];
Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, do not spare them;
Lengthen your tent ropes
And make your pegs (stakes) firm [in the ground]. Isaiah 54:2 AMP

Support and Prayers along the way

With the three of us praying quietly, it was in July of 2017 that God opened the door for us to look at the Ferndale Property and the WFMI board toured the site and discussed the feasibility of acquiring it. At that point, the purchase price was 1.9 million dollars. After much discussion and prayer, an offer of 1.2 million was presented and accepted and the process began in bringing formation to the vision. Several individuals have volunteered to serve between then and now, and several events have happened:

  • Grant writing for repairs, elevators, programs.
  • A previous Day Care Owner commits to head up the Day Care and get it equipped and functioning.
  • A community member, previous ministry cook, commits to head up the Kitchen and Dining facility.
  • An Event Planner, formerly employed for said purpose, and volunteers to generate events for sanctuary and kitchen and special events.
  • Several financial pledges are made.
  • Monies are donated for the process (Architect for creating dorm rooms out of the school, permits, down payment, etc.) of acquiring the property, very positive and encouraging
  • A qualified individual volunteers to be Project Manager once on the property;
  • Meetings with the City of Melbourne
  • The Architect creating plans for transforming the 3 story school building into a dormitory

Miracles along the way

In the beginning of July 2018 the sellers contacted us and presented to us that they would make an addendum to the contract and lower the price of the property from 1.2 million to $500,000.00 with a closing date of September 4, 2018.

The closing date arrived and for various reasons we were not able to close; however God was not done.

On September 13, 2018 He literally dropped an opportunity of provision to purchase the property and a new closing date was set for October 1st, at which time the property transferred over into the hands of Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc.

The Vision Becoming a Reality

Right now we are in the process of transforming this amazing property to complete the vision with a three-stage process. The first stage in refreshing and repairs of the office building, the sanctuary and kitchen; as well as a day care in order to begin walking this out. (To understand more fully how this property completes the vision God has graced to

Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc. see our “Vision of Usage” page. (link))

Since the closing there have been many volunteers from area churches and the community helping to prepare for our opening day of Tuesday October 30th and the spirit of unity is truly being seen and experienced in this region!

Much work remains as we move forward in preparing the sanctuary/dining facility for ministry opportunities, and for the remodeling of the three-story school for Still Waters Brevard and we welcome your support as God leads you. We appreciate and are grateful for the many who have supported us with prayer, volunteering, needed items, and monies and we thank you all! Love and Blessings, Jim and Susan


The mission of Still Waters is to journey alongside single women/women with children that are experiencing a lack of resources and life skills as they walk out their decision to improve their lives towards wholehearted living of mind, body, and spirit towards freedom and independence.

The Vision

SCOPE AND PURPOSE The scope and purpose of Wholeness to Freedom Ministries is to help individuals overcome the negative effects of life experiences involving, but not limited to, poverty, relationship struggles, emotional, sexual, physical abuse, and trauma in order to better function and contribute to society and fulfill the purpose for which they were created on a local level within the community in which they live.

To hear more of our personal stories as it relates to the journey visit us at http://stillwatersbrevard.com/letter/

If you wish to donate and/or partner with us visit us at http://stillwatersbrevard.com

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