Board Of Directors

Jim Begley
​BOARD MEMBERS OF WHOLENESS TO FREEDOM MINISTRIES INC. James L. Begley Jr. M-Div., BCPC Jim, a graduate of Asbury College and Asbury Theological Seminary has over 36 years of experience pastoring and counseling a broad spectrum of people in their life’s journeys, coming alongside to assist them in experiencing wholeness to healing in fulfilling their potential. In addition, He has studied under and presented alongside the teachings and healing ministries of Mclean Ministries with Clay and Mary Mclean from North Carolina; Howard Morgan Ministries with Dr. Howard and Janet Morgan from Atlanta, Georgia; and Dr. Valerie Depastino of Augusta Georgia. Jim presently serves on the board of Love INC, Brevard, and is Chaplain of the South Brevard Ministerial Association. Along with his Masters of Divinity, Jim also is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC) as a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is ordained with the American Evangelistic Association. Jim, working through the Apostolic, Prophetic, and healing gifts has also ministered in church planting (Maine) with many area pastors, churches, and ministries, as well as in Zambia Africa. Jim reaches out to individuals, couples, families, pastors, churches, and ministries working in the areas of addictions, grief, stress, depression, religious and spiritual abuse, marriage, sexual brokenness, etc. He counsels people of all faiths, non-faith, religious backgrounds, and cultures in a safe, open, and comfortable environment. With an interactive Biblical and “person-focused” approach, Jim provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. With compassion and understanding, from walking his own healing journey, Jim connects with a personalized and relational approach to help others build on their strengths and attain to the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing while strengthening their spiritual walk.
Susan Beagley
Susan is a Graduate from the University of Maine with a teaching degree in the Arts and several years later (2010) graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. After a two and a half-year internship, Susan completed her national boards in 2013 and became licensed with the state of Florida. Susan’s journey toward helping others finding wholeness and freedom began in her childhood where peers turned to her for consolation and support. Having experienced her own healing journey in her early 30’s upon accepting Christ, Susan has extended God’s giftings of encouragement and mercy to others throughout her journey wherever God has led; as a daycare provider listening and supporting young parents; as a teacher, inspiring and stirring up the potential of young children; as a ministry leader loving, teaching, and guiding those who were hurting. Susan learned early in her journey the importance of being aware of and integrating the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ones being, which plays an instrumental part in the wholeness, freedom, and joy she now experiences as well as the love and respect she extends to others. Susan has served in various aspects in church ministry since accepting Christ: as teacher, leader of ministry, leader of worship, and as part of a counseling team. She currently serves at Love INC as Coordinator for mobilizing the local church and is pursing certification with complex trauma. Susan works within the giftings of inner healing, worship, and teaching. She is an attentive, sensitive, and compassionate listener helping others to discover balance among the trials of life and uncovering and releasing their true potential while solidifying their identify in Christ. Susan approaches each session relationally with professional integrity and specializes in providing counseling for individuals and couples experiencing: Mood disorders, Depression, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Complex Trauma, Difficult life transitions, Co-dependency issues, Interpersonal Relationships, Spiritual Development and Awareness, and Women’s Issues (sexual abuse, domestic violence, abortion, addictions).
Clay McLean
Clay and Mary McLean This is merely an introductory note to you all per Jim's request in order to provide some background information. Mary and I had the great privilege of working with Jim in his pastoral days in Maine in the early 1990s (doesn't that sound strange to say 'Back in the early 90s!!!") We were still living then in our home state of Texas. In 1998 we moved our ministry headquarters to western North Carolina due to the majority of our work at that time being east coastal. We led and still lead conferences to equip the local church in dealing with the deeper difficulties of relationships, sexuality, marriage and family, and early woundings including occult related abuse. We were joyfully re united with Jim and met Susan several years ago during one of our conferences in Miami and have been honored to renew our ties. It is a great honor to work with them and we look forward to knowing all of you better. We still live in Hickory (NC) with several of our grown children and (very recent addition of number 7-first boy) grandchildren. Sincerely, Clay and Mary McLean
Beverley Wiggins
Board Member
Beverley Squire-Wiggins is the co-owner of PIP Printing and Marketing Services. Beverley and her family have owned PIP Printing since they immigrated to Florida from England in April of 2006. They moved here with their two boys Niall aged 23 and Jordan aged 15. Beverley’s eldest daughter Charlene age 31 a social worker, still resides in their hometown Nottingham England with her granddaughter Ila aged 7. Beverley’s passion is God. She loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and attributes any success she as gained to him. Beverley along with her two sons worship at Calvary Chapel of Melbourne. Beverley and her younger son who was baptized in March of 2014 have volunteered at Calvary Chapel on their production team since 2010. Beverley Serviced 6 years on the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and PIP Printing is a current Trustee Member of this board. Beverley currently sits on the Palm Bay Hospital Advisory Council, she is active member of the Palm Bay Rotary Club. Beverley also sits on the Board of Director for both the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Future Problem Solving Program International.
Valerie DePastino
Hi, I'm Valerie, I'm what some call a traveling min or a missionary. Doesn't matter as long the plans of God is done. I've been in full time ministry for 37 yrs. God has blessed me to have been to over 50 different countries and nations. The best place to be is where He wants us in His timing. I have one son Clarke, and three grandchildren. I do have a Ph.D. which means nothing so I tell everyone they can also have one because the real letters stand for; Praying, Heaven, Down. I've known Pastor Jim and Susan for many years. We meet when pastor was in Belfast, ME. I know them to be people who hunger for God and the truth of His Word. Jim and Sue, want to follow His perfect will more than anything else, they are not willing to settle for just good. I pray all of us can catch the portion of their vision that we can be to make that come to pass. Looking forward to when we can all get together. Dr. Valerie believes, practices and teaches the uncompromised Word of God as led by the Holy Spirit, where she ministers to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people. Throughout her ministering many people accept salvation, receive healing and are released from oppression. The prophetic anointing that freely flows during her services brings clarity and understanding of the calling, purpose, and potential within the body of Christ. Dr. Valerie teaches concerning the "Third Day" church, Hosea 6:2 and the Kairos timing that cannot be missed by the church. Dr. Valerie has been blessed with many spiritual parents in the Lord. She believes strongly in accountability and is responsible to her local church, Whole Life Ministries, Augusta, Georgia and to her pastor, Dr. Sandra Kennedy. She also submits to the wise counsel of a number of pastors including Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Dr. Myles Munroe, and the following members of her Board of Directors: Pastor John Thomas and Pastor Jim Pearson. Dr. DePastino has often said "If a traveling minister will not submit to a local head they'll never submit on the road". Dr. Valerie has worked with many of the leading ministers here in the United States and other nations throughout the world including: England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Norway, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Africa, India and Sweden. She has extensive experience teaching Bible courses, guest hosting Christian television, speaking at conventions, seminars, retreats, camp meetings and regular church services. Valerie has written three books: "Identification of Intercession", "Endtime Commissions, Endtime Anointing--Ezra 8:36" and "Trusting God in Times and seasons of Change". Dr. DePastino is an active member of Third World/Caribbean Christian Leaders Fellowship International, and Antioch Fellowship of Shekinah Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. Dr. Valerie is also a charter member of "Christian Women's Voice", a publication for women about women and written by women. Dr. Valerie has undergraduate degrees in Theology and Psychology. A former public school teacher, she has earned a Masters and sixth level degree in education. Her highest degree is Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies--Education. Blessings, Valerie
Travis Gibb
Travis Gibb is a Business Owner, Christ Follower and dedicates his life to help individuals or there business grow to the highest reaches possible. He runs a ministry group called Breaking Walls and is on several local Boards Of Directors in Brevard County
Freddi Woodford
Hi, I'm Freddi Woodford. I am married to David Woodford and have three children. We have been married over 26 years. My two oldest are still in college, one to graduate this summer. I am still homeschooling the youngest, who is 16. In 1979 I enlisted in the Air Force (6 years) where I obtained BA in Psychology and started a MBA, which I completed in 1988 after leaving the service. Over the years I have had the privilege to work as a Social Worker in several different areas such as a Psych Hospital, a group home for adolescent girls, and working with developmentally delayed people, and victims of incest. I became a Clinical Supervisor for a battered women’s shelter here in Florida, as well as taught swimming lessons and coached a swim team. David and I started our family in 1994 and at this time we decided I would stay home, raise the kids and home school them. I also remained active in our community thru volunteering in many areas throughout the years, the main one being Pregnancy Resources, where I eventually held the position of Executive Director. As a Christian I remained active in our church where I taught a women’s bible study, taught kid’s Sunday School, and ran a medium sized kid’s program at church. I also volunteer at my church’s food pantry, help with World Bible Study sending lessons to mostly Nigeria (9 years), and I volunteer at Love INC in the clearinghouse talking to clients on the phones. I will also start some administrative work from home for Love INC in the near future. I continue to loosely home school my almost 17-year old son.