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At Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc., we continue to value the relationships God has graced to us and sow back into the lives of others. We purpose in keeping our hourly rates affordable while still being able to meet our financial obligations in overhead and expenses because we understand the value solid Biblical counseling brings.

There are two essential ways to support our community through Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc. These include the Exodus Fund and Still Waters Brevard.

The Exodus Fund provides needed counseling for those ‘caught in the middle’ without the resources and/or options of other counseling opportunities. This has opened the door for many individuals, couples, and families to obtain the spiritual and emotional support needed to live to their full potential as God intended.

The “Exodus Fund” emerged while praying how to assist those struggling emotionally and financially and is founded in the following scriptures: Exodus 12:51; 14:21-22 and 15:1-18.

“Exodus, where God brings us out of our Egypt, our past, our brokenness; parts the waters of our lives that we would pass through on dry ground; and, brings us into the healing and wholeness of His promises!” (what God spoke to Jim’s heart).


The vision for Still Waters, a DBA under Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc.,

 “Still Waters Brevard is a Christ-centered campus outreach and ministry that is educational, transformational and transitional. We are committed to provide the means and support for single women and women with children through discipleship, education, and teaching, equipping, training, and empowering them towards wholehearted and healthy living in an environment of love, safety, and healing.”


The mission of Still Waters Brevard is to journey alongside single women/women with children that are experiencing a lack of resources and life skills as they walk out their decision to improve their lives towards wholehearted living of mind, body, and spirit towards freedom and independency.



With 40 years of ministry experience, including 10 years of sowing into our local faith and business community, God has opened the door to an awesome opportunity for outreach. In fulfilling the vision God has placed upon our hearts for unity in the body and ministering to those single women and women with children who are stuck in the system, WFMI is pursuing the purchase of the Tabernacle property on Ferndale Ave in Melbourne, Florida. Single women and women and their children will share in community living that intentionally fosters mutuality, reciprocity and freedom, three elements that characterize healthy relationships and receive the support needed to transform their lives.


Still Waters Brevard is in the process of becoming a reality as we gather the funds to bring this vision into completion.

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