Learning About Still Waters

Learning About Still Waters

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Learning About Still Waters Brevard

We are excited you are here and we trust that you will be encouraged and hopeful in hearing our journey, and our story, and inspired to partner with us in this most exciting miracle. We all have opportunities each day to serve others and give of our time and money, yet the most effective offerings are those given from the heart. If your heart is aligning with ours for those struggling and the many women and children stuck and caught in a system that erodes the very freedom of whom they were meant to be and accomplish, we encourage you to come along.

I, Susan, a licensed mental health counselor and my husband Jim Begley, a Pastor and Pastoral Counselor have been walking alongside hurting people for many years, (To read our stories visit  http://stillwatersbrevard.com/letter/ ). Since 2011 it has been our mission to bring wholeness and freedom to the broken hearted in the Brevard County Region and God has amazingly, enlarged our tent pegs and provided the opportunity for WFMI to purchase the Tabernacle Property on 1619 Ferndale Ave., Melbourne, Florida. To understand all this entails you can read about our 3 stage process here –  “Vision of Usage” Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc.  [This link will be to a new page, – “Vision of Usage”,  that needs to be created under about us”] has and is, expanding through a 3 stage process!

“Enlarge the site of your tent [to make room for more children];
Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, do not spare them;
Lengthen your tent ropes
And make your pegs (stakes) firm [in the ground]. Isaiah 54:2 AMP

Why is this so important and why might you partner with us? Brevard County is historically known to have a spirit of poverty, brokenness, and despair. This opportunity is creating an umbrella of ministries and services that will join with other churches, ministries, businesses and agencies in the area to help dispel the spirit of hopelessness and establish healing, wholeness and hope to the people of Brevard County.  The US Department of Health and Human Services states in an article, Psychological First Aid for Families Experiencing Homelessness, that the research shows a large portion of those facing homelessness have “experienced traumatic events, including domestic, interpersonal, and community violence and have been victims of physical, emotional/psychological, and /or sexual abuse in childhood” (2009, page 2).

God has graced Wholeness to Freedom Ministries Inc. a vision to speak into this community wide struggle and be a part of the solution, along side others, for Brevard County. We have witnessed these struggles in our counseling rooms, our churches, our businesses, and our community and what we have found is that unless effective relational skills, loving community, life-skills, education and equipping are modeled in loving relationships, ministry, and counseling this hopelessness will continue.

The Ferndale property has equipped WFMI to provide such a loving community-based, 2 to 3 year program, with a dormitory for single women and women with children, Still Waters Brevard, to feel safe and secure while learning relational skills; a Counseling Center to support healing, growth, and overcoming emotional struggles; a Christian Day Care & School for the children and while supporting the women in their vocational and educational goals; Teaching/Training/Worship Center for healing and discipleship opportunities; Classrooms for learning life skills, relational skills, and vocational skills; and Food Pantry for serving the community.

Your donations will be utilized to transform this amazing property, with excellence, as we walk through a 3 stage process to begin implementing this program. We are so honored and excited to be able to step up and serve in this way and to fulfill the vision God has placed upon our hearts. The ministry will be educational, transformational and transitional.  The new home for WFMI, 1619 Ferndale Avenue, Melbourne has freed Jim and myself, and the many others of like-heartedness already with us, to minister these principles on a larger scope than any one of us ever imagined. Thank you for taking the time to inquire into partnering with us.

Won’t you partner with us, in this amazing effort? (Put a link to the Still Waters Brevard donation page)

If you wish to learn more about our journey in the process and more about myself and Jim you can follow these links on our webpages.

The journey of acquiring the Ferndale Ave property. http://wholenesstofreedomministries.org/a-journey-with-god-and-his-vision/

Jim and Susan’s story as related to the vision of Still Waters Brevard http://stillwatersbrevard.com/letter/

Still Waters Brevard. http://wholenesstofreedomministries.org

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