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On Monday, October 19th, 1:30 a.m., God woke me with great trembling, in a full sweat and weeping. I asked, “God, what is this? God, is this you? Is this me?” He responded, “Come with me”. I knew it was not me.

As I got up and went to the living room and sat on the couch, I was still trembling, and weeping uncontrollably. Again I asked, “God, is this you? What is this?” I heard Him say, “There is no crowd!” “What?!?”, I asked. Again He said, “There is no crowd! Man sees the crowd. Man hears the crowd. But there is no crowd”. Still trembling and weeping I asked, “God, what are You saying? If man sees the crowd, but You are saying there is no crowd, what ARE You seeing?”

Then it was as if the very air opened up and I saw as in an open vision, pure light, the very Presence of God on the Throne of Heaven as He spoke.

I heard God say, “As I am seeing through Myself . . . while I am hanging on the cross, I see no crowd”. Weeping, I asked, “If You do not see the crowd, then what do You see?!?”

Again, I head the sound of His voice as He repeated, “As I am seeing through Myself while I am  hanging on the Cross, I see no crowd. I am seeing through Myself while I am hanging on the Cross every man, woman, and child through all eternity. As I am seeing upon each of their faces, I am seeing into their eyes. I am seeing into all that is within each person whom I created, and I am seeing every sin, every brokenness, every weakness and temptation, every evil thought, lust, and anger, every fear, despair, disappointment, discouragement and cry of desperation, every helplessness. “

“While seeing into all that is within each person I come back to seeing each face. I then looked into the eyes of each one to acknowledge all that I am seeing, and as I spoke each ones name, I THEN said ‘It is finished!!!,’ as I gave up My Spirit, My very self, to My eternal purposes in each life.”

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