Vision of Usage


Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc.

WFMI Goals and Objectives

As a body of belieivers we desire to reach out and serve the community of Brevard County in order to fulfill God’s vision for this region. Brevard County is historically known to have a spirit of poverty, brokenness, and despair. We are creating an umbrella of ministries and services that will join with other churches, ministries, businesses and agencies in the area to dispel the spirit of hopelessness and establish healing, wholeness and hope to the people of Brevard County. This umbrella consists of a Counseling Center, Christian Day Care & School, Teaching/Training/Worship Center, Dormitory for single women and women with children, Classrooms and Food Pantry.

Business Philosophy

The scope and purpose of WFMI is to help individuals overcome the negative effects of life experiences involving, but not limited to, poverty, relationship struggles, emotional, sexual, physical abuse, and trauma in order to better function and contribute to society and fulfill the purpose for which they were created on a local level within the community in which they live.


While WFMI / SWB is not a domestic violence or homeless shelter nor a rehab center, the population served, single women and women with children; may be transitioning from such entities back into the community. Women over the age of 18 who are seeking to grow and overcome the dynamics that have prevented them from moving forward in their lives. They are open to the educational opportunities presented and working through the various stages. It is a drug/alcohol/smoke free campus and participants must have graduated from such programs before participating.

This is to be accomplished through three stages as follows:

Stage 1 – Target date December 2018

Office Building: This building will be utilized for Counseling offices for individual, couples, family counseling; Office for Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary; Office for Barnabus Ministries (pastoral unity program); Library and Resource room for participants. (Stage 1 target date 12/30/18)

Counseling Ministry for Individual, Couples, and Families

  • James L. Begley Jr.; Board Certified Pastoral Counselor

  • Susan E Begley: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) / Certified Expert Trauma Professional (CEPT) / Qualified Supervisor for Interns

  • Interns from various colleges

Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary

  • Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501©(3) tax exempt religious organization, authorized by law to grant religious degrees

Barnabus Ministries International – James L Begley Jr. is the Regional Director for Brevard County, Florida

  • Barnabas Ministries International is named after the first century disciple whose story begins in Acts 4:36. The desire and goal is to serve others by helping encourage, enrich, edify, and educate and to respond to the particular needs of today’s pastors and their families.

Library and Resource Room

  • This area will be utilized by program participants and the community for study pertaining to educational purposes, inner healing resources and access to computer resources.

Sanctuary / Fellowship Hall Building of 2 stories – – These buildings will be utilized for classrooms, group teachings, worship and teaching seminars, events, and workshops.

  • Sanctuary – Worship/Teaching/Training Center: Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc., Love INC of Brevard, the unified church will provide the teaching, training, and events. There will also be opportunity for connecting women with continuing educational opportunities.

    • The Sanctuary will be utilized for participants to grow in their spiritual life through corporate worship and conferences for teaching, training and healing.

    • The sanctuary will not be utilized for a specific church but rather corporate gatherings of several churches worshiping together at various times and for events.

    • Various Ministries (workshops and seminars) on life skills, biblical truths, healing such as Clay McLean Ministries; Howard Morgan Ministries; Therapeutic Dance for all ages by Susie Smith.

  • Fellowship Hall/Kitchen: Connected to the Sanctuary this part of the building will be utilized at various times for a variety of reasons. Teaching of healthy meals planning and preparation; small community events and/or meals (i.e. for the elderly, weddings funerals, celebrations); refreshments after teachings, workshops and seminars.

Food Pantry: The building next to the house and behind the office building is now being utilized as a food pantry and run by the People of Destiny Ministires. This will continue as is.

  • Outreach into the community and supporting the serving of others for participants of SWB as well as training job opportunity for administrative duties to run and support the food pantry.

  • It is planned for organic gardening to be a part of the food pantry and is a stage 3 process.

Residential Home: The home will be utilized as residents for the oversears of the WFMI / Still Waters Brevard Program, which at this time is Jim and Susan Begley.

Stage 2 – Target Date March 2019

School/Day Care for children: To provide child-care and quality early Christian education to children so mothers can heal and enter into the work force as well as providing training for those wishing to pursue child-care as a career. The day care ministry will be open to the community and monies received will feed back into the program and pay salaries of those working and training in the day care profits to support the Still Waters Brevard project.

Classrooms / Second Story over the Fellowship Hall: Each participant accepted into the Still Waters Brevard program will receive an individualized plan of educational opportunities to meet their specific needs with a certificate of completion upon graduating from the program, which may include one or more the following opportunities: Graduation is determined by completion of the individualized plan and not a specific time frame.

  • Affirming Potential (taught by Love INC of Brevard – psych educational)

  • Connexus Program (Relationship Skills and Building taught by Wholeness to Freedom Counseling Center – psych educational)

  • Connections (Community Building taught by Wholeness to Freedom Counseling Center psych educational).

  • College Degree Programs (taught by Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary)

  • Connections and support to other college and training opportunities within Brevard County. (TEDI is committed to accepting trainees).

Stage 3 – Target Date July 2019

Three Story School Building –  – This building, traditionally a school, will be transformed and utilized as a dormitory for the participants during stage 3.

Still Waters Brevard: “Still Waters is a Christ-centered campus outreach and ministry that is educational, transformational and transitional. We are committed to provide the means and support for single women and women with children through discipleship, education and teaching, equipping, training, and empowering them towards wholehearted and healthy living in an environment of love, safety, and healing.”

Women and their children will share in community living that intentionally fosters mutuality, reciprocity and freedom, three elements that characterize healthy relationships.